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New Wolves’ Heat Short Story Is Available!

Book cover image for Devon and Kem Under the Mistletoe (a.k.a. Ian and Craig's First Fight)

The Wolves’ Heat short story, Devon and Kem Under the Mistletoe (a.k.a. Ian and Craig’s First Fight), is available at Amazon and Google Play, and coming soon to more ebook retailers!

Return to the early days of Devon’s life with his new mate, Kem, in this Wolves’ Heat short story, where even a small misunderstanding can lead to trouble…

If you feel like revisiting Devon and Kem, or you like holiday stories, this is the story for you! :)

New Story Available on Amazon! Mage in Love

I have an ongoing story published on Kindle Vella.

In Mage in Love, Jihu makes a bargain with crafty (but hot) Gaeru to escape death. One bad decision leads to another and, soon, Jihu has only himself to blame for the trouble that follows…

Episode 1: “You Lose” and Episode 2: “Is It Really?” are available now!

Available on Amazon Kindle Vella!

Eventually, I’ll put it all together and make a book out of it, but that will be much later. So if you’re interested, go read the first few chapters (episodes) for free on Kindle Vella. :D

I would love to see that somebody besides myself is interested in Jihu and Gaeru’s story!

And don’t worry! I promise this isn’t interfering with me getting the next New Canton Republic and Wolves’ Heat books up. :D I have a lot of stories in the works and this is just another way to get one of them out, sooner rather than later. ;D

Never Enough (R’H’ani Chronicles #15) Is Available Now!

The next R’H’ani Chronicles story, Never Enough, is finally out! It’s a short novella that I’ve had finished for a while, but I wasn’t able to publish it until now. :)

Never Enough book cover

Still, when I went back to look through it before getting it ready, I was really pleased with it. I think it’s a fun story and I hope you like it! :D

In this follow-up to Anything At All, Kalar plots against his new husband for a prize more valuable than all the trade between R’H’ani and the Great Isle …

But innocent Yestrille may be doing some plotting of his own …

Never Enough is another exciting tale in the R’H’ani Chronicles, where men love men and the rules of romance are complicated by contracts that bind!

Never Enough directly follows Anything At All and indirectly follows His Only Weakness. If you’ve kept up with the series, you know Yestrille is also in His to Keep and One to Tame.

Ahh, the threads are getting tangled now. :)

This is a long series, but the R’H’ani Chronicles stories stand very well on their own if you prefer to read them that way. However, I always recommend you read them in the order of publication for the most fun! :D

Here are links for Never Enough where it’s already available, but of course, the most up to date list of links will be on the book’s main page.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Smashwords

Internationally: | | | | | | | | |

Next up, getting Of Relations and Ships off my computer and ready to publish. I hope I’m not the only person excited by this news! It’s been a long time coming and I’m really glad to finally be able to get back to my writing and publishing. :)

A Fair Trade Is Available Now!

A Fair Trade is the next new R’H’ani Chronicles story and it is available now! It’s the novella follow up to No Better Offer and a chance to find out more about Neese, whom I happen to adore. :-) (I adore them all, sorry! I’ll never be objective where these guys are concerned.)

A Fair Trade cover image

A Fair Trade directly follows No Better Offer and indirectly follows Anything At All.

In the follow up to No Better Offer, Neese is trying to get comfortable in his new job inside the harem of Spencyr Ramynad. But he’s never worked in a man’s harem before, for good reason, and it has only taken him one day to realize just how much trouble he’s in.

Neese’s co-worker Stenyl infuriates him even as Stenyl’s kisses are far too tempting to ignore, and his new employer Spencyr is a little too hard to figure out—but he seems more than willing to share his new consort with Neese…

Neese just wants everybody to follow the rules—because the rules might be the only thing that can save Neese from himself…

A Fair Trade is another exciting tale in the R’H’ani Chronicles, where men love men and the rules of romance are complicated by contracts that bind!

Here are links where it’s already available, but of course, the most up to date list of links will be on the book’s main page.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Smashwords

Internationally: | | | | | | | | |

No matter how you choose to read, most of the R’H’ani Chronicles stories stand very well on their own. However, I always recommend you read them in the order of publication for the most fun! That’s even more apparent in this group of five stories that start with No Better Offer. Lots of fun stuff is finally revealed in these stories and it’ll mean so much more if you’ve read them all! :-)

Anything At All Is Available Now!

The first of the two new R’H’ani Chronicles stories is available now!

Anything At All cover image

Anything At All is a novelette length story for Yestrille. If you’ve kept up with the series, you know Yestrille is also in His to Keep and One to Tame. I thought he deserved his own story and this is what came of that! :-)

Here are links, but of course, the most up to date list of links will be on the book’s main page. | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | KoboSmashwords

More: | | | | | | | | |

In this 13th volume of the R’H’ani Chronicles, Odessa Lynne brings you a novelette length story of male/male romance set in the land of Ani’Hain, where nothing is as simple as it seems…

Yestrille plans to marry for love, or not at all. But sometimes even the most simple plans fall apart when faced with the reality of life in Ani’Hain…

Anything At All is another exciting tale in the R’H’ani Chronicles, where romance and love follow a different set of rules, and true love always wins in the end!

Although the series is best read in order, this story can be read as a stand-alone story.

Since this is a R’H’ani Chronicles story, I don’t think I have to warn for sex. :D

And finally, this is science fiction that feels a whole lot like a fantasy read.


No Better Offer (R’H’ani Chronicles #12) is published! A novella!

No Better Offer book coverNo Better Offer is the twelfth story in the R’H’ani Chronicles series and it turned out a lot longer than I planned when I started writing it.

Instead of being a novelette (a longish short story) it’s as long as my short novel (aka novella) The King’s Guard. :) If you haven’t read that one and can’t compare, it’s about twice as long as the last R’H’ani Chronicles story, One to Tame.

It’s showing up in all the usual places, but for the most up to date list of links, visit the book’s page. :)

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Smashwords | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE and more…

Here’s a little about the story that took over my life for just a little while this summer. :D

About No Better Offer

Stenyl is miserable in his new job in the harem of a wealthy R’H’ani bureaucrat, but it was the best he could get after being fired from his last for breaking the rules. When he gets a better offer, he knows he should accept. Only the better offer might not be the one he wants…

Spencyr is the reason Stenyl was fired without cause and forced to take a job he hates—so why does his heart still beat faster every time the gray man gets near?

Then there’s Neese, Stenyl’s handsome co-worker who claims not only not to be gay but to have never performed with another man, and who has made Stenyl an outcast in the harem. Neese is a liar, and Stenyl means to prove it.

If only Spencyr were a little more forthcoming about his own desires, and Neese wasn’t so infuriating—and so pretty…

Check out all the details on the page for No Better Offer, where you’ll also find the usual links.

There’s a lot of story in this one, and I happen to really love the guys in it so if you pick up a copy, I really hope you enjoy it! :D

No Better Offer stands alone the way most of the stories in this series do, so you can read it without fear of a big cliffhanger to frustrate you! That said, the next one in the series is close to being ready, so you can expect to see Stenyl again soon. ;-)

On that note, Yestrille’s got a story coming up back in Ani’Hain, and I have titles for the next several R’H’ani Chronicles stories, because I really got on a roll with these. :D

#13 – A Fair Trade
#14 – Two to Cherish
#15 – Anything He Asks
#16 – Never Enough
#17 – Only for Him

Barring disaster, they’ll all be coming out this year. :)

If I change the order before publishing, you’ll be able to find the official order on the main R’H’ani Chronicles page.

The Next R’H’ani Chronicles Story, One to Tame, Released Today!

It’s an exciting return to Ani’Hain in the next R’H’ani Chronicles story, One to Tame!One to Tame book cover

It’s available now at Amazon and some of the other retailers and coming soon to the other usual places!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Apple | Kobo | Smashwords | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon DE

In this follow-up tale to His to Keep, the R’H’ani Chronicles returns to Ani’Hain, where the people of another land have their own rules for love…

Mateo thought Brylan was adjusting well to his new life after being rescued from the corrupt harems of R’H’ani.

Then he discovered Brylan making plans to run away…

Enjoy this exciting new story in the R’H’ani Chronicles that takes us back across the Great Ani Ocean to Ani’Hain!

One to Tame is the eleventh story in The R’H’ani Chronicles. Although the series is best experienced in order, this story can be read as a stand-alone story.

That said, it’s going to make a lot more sense if you’ve at least read His to Keep, since this is Mateo’s story!

Novelette length.

In fact, this is the longest story in the series to date. :-)

If you haven’t tried the series yet, the following Smashwords coupon will get you a full 50% off the R’H’ani Chronicles Collection 1, Volumes 1–6.

Code: EQ63A

Expires on: June 30, 2019

You have to use the coupon code to get the discount!

Link: The R’H’ani Chronicles Collection 1, Volumes 1–6 at Smashwords.

If you decide to use the coupon, you’ll pay less for the entire collection of the first six stories than you’d pay for the first two stories alone buying them individually!

And if you do, thank you so much!

The truth is, I love the guys of The R’H’ani Chronicles. And I really want people other than me to enjoy reading these stories so I’m hoping a few of you will make use of the coupon. The first collection makes up an entire novel’s worth of reading and it’s sexy and fun and a little naughty too. There’s not a lot of room for monogamy in this world, and amazingly enough, none of the guys seem to mind. ;-)

The coupon expires in just a couple of weeks so don’t wait too long to use it!

At half off, the collection is the best way to get the first six stories in the series, by a significant margin. :D

New Release! Will’s Hope

Whew! It’s so nice to announce that Will’s Hope is available! It went live yesterday, and I’m really hoping I’m not the only one who loves this one. :)

Amazon | Apple | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | Smashwords | | | … and more.

For the most up to date list of links, visit the page for Will’s Hope. :)

Will's Hope bookcover

Here’s the description!

Will knows who he is, even if he doesn’t remember how or why he ended up on the run with one of the aliens everybody calls “wolves.”

He knows the wolves were welcomed to Earth with few reservations and shared technology and knowledge freely—until their first heat season revealed the dark truth about their attraction to human scent, triggering uncontrolled sexual aggression and violence, and changing the world as he knew it forever. He knows the wolves rule the American Protectorate, a place where they roam freely and claim humans for mates.

Will knows he has a past—and he knows something’s wrong, that his life isn’t what it should be—but he has no way to know that his past is about to come for him, and it’s going to be a fight to the death for his soul…

Book 9 in the Wolves’ Heat series.

These books really are best read as a series, in order, but they are stand alone stories if you don’t mind figuring things out from context. :D

For good or ill, this is my longest book ever! Whew. I don’t even know what happened, but that’s just what the story took. :D I loved writing this book, and I love the result. I hope you like it. I can’t say I’ll be writing anything this long again, but I can’t say I won’t either, because I write what needs to be written and that’s just the way it happens for me. :D

Lots of explicit sex and language in this book, and men that give as good as they get! :D

If you pick up a copy of this book, thank you so much! And thank you for taking the time to read my stories! I love sharing them with you.

New Release! Of Love and Zembores

Of Love and Zembores is finally available! It can be read as a standalone, but I have no idea why you’d want to do that. It’s going to be so much better if you’ve read the other books. :-)

The book is starting to show up in stores now, and I’ll be updating this post later with more links, but right now you can get it at Google Play and Smashwords. (And Amazon and Apple now too, and Barnes & Noble and Kobo.)

About Of Love and Zembores (A New Canton Republic Novel)

Ben’s just trying to make a living the only way he knows how, but nothing’s been going right for him lately, and now he owes a dangerous criminal more than he can pay. He’s only got one thing left to sell that’ll even come close to getting him the zembores he needs to clear his debt.

Vanost is one of the aliens everyone calls monsters, and he wants what Ben’s selling with a desperation he’s never felt before. Vanost isn’t averse to using his power and wealth to get Ben into his bed, but he’ll give Ben a choice. Of course he will. He’s not a real monster.

Ben’s ready to bargain, and Vanost is willing to give up anything to make the deal. There’s just one little problem. Ben’s a liar and a thief who can’t be trusted. But that’s okay, because Vanost is a Yeeru crime lord with a few secrets of his own…

A story of the New Canton Republic, where magic is determined to put an end to the ages old conflict between humans and the aliens who share their world….

This story contains explicit male/male sex, graphic language, and sexual situations that some people might find offensive. Romance for anyone who likes hot alien shapeshifters, fated mates, and a futuristic world where magic is often more trouble than it’s worth!

This is the first book release of the year for me, and frankly I wasn’t even sure I’d have one after the way this year started! But I do, and I’m pretty excited about it. I really love Ben and Vanost and I have an extra special reason for that that I’m not going to tell. ;D But I bet if you read it, you’ll be able to tell me why.

And holy crap, but I just realized this is my longest monster book ever! I mean, not my longest book ever because that honor goes to Mason’s Regret, my last book, but this is my longest New Canton Republic book.

If you buy a copy and read this one, I really hope you enjoy it! :-) I am super happy with it, to be honest, and I really hope it’s not just because I’m thrilled to have written a book this year. ;-)

The main book page for Of Love and Zembores is the best place to check for up to date links. I will be adding to them when I can.

And truly, if you’ve stuck with me this long, I am SO appreciative!

New Release! Mason’s Regret

Mason’s Regret is my latest book! It’s starting to show up in stores now, and I’ll be updating this post as soon as I’m confident it’s available in a few more places, but YAY! I’m so f*cking excited I can’t stand it.

I love this book! (I love them all, I swear, but this one is definitely right up there at the top.) If you pick up a copy and read this one, I seriously hope you love it, too.

And oh my God, this one is long. It’s my longest book ever, actually. So, enjoy. :-)

Book cover for Mason's Regret (Wolves' Heat, book 8)

Click the image to go to Amazon!

Google Play has it, it’s coming up on Amazon in fits and starts, and you can always count on Smashwords to be live right away. :D

I’ll update the main book page for Mason’s Regret with more links as the book becomes available in other stores.

Here’s the description!

Mason’s Regret (A Wolves’ Heat Novel)

Once every three years, humans become sexual prey to a species that has no control over the urge to mate because of a devastating attraction to human scent.

It’s been three years since Mason and his twin brother were caught inside the American Protectorate and held as prisoners by the aliens everyone calls “wolves.” Mason’s brother hasn’t been the same since, and neither has Mason.

Now heat season has come again, and for reasons Mason doesn’t understand, his brother has gone back into the protectorate—and he needs Mason’s help.

Mason’s past is full of mistakes, but leaving his brother to deal with trouble alone isn’t one he’s going to make again—no matter the cost. But when wolves start howling nearby, there’s only one sane thing to do: run.

Except the only path to safety is through a terrifying alpha wolf who wants to claim Mason as his mate…

Book 8 in the Wolves’ Heat series.

Romance for anyone who likes hot male/male loving, alien mates, and a strong dose of alpha romance!