“Prick” Is Available Now in the After the Heat Collection!

Cover for After the Heat: Wolves' Heat Stories featuring a view of the moon and clouds through a dark, menacing forest

In “Prick,” go back to the time of Mason’s Regret, where Mason’s twin brother, Marcus, shares some of his story with us.

Marcus has always looked out for his twin brother, Mason. Some things never change—and some things have to…

If you want it right now, you can buy from me. Or wait a bit, and read it on Kindle Vella when it goes live on Amazon.

You can always find these links to After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories on the main page for the collection!

This one might get a part 2, but I’m not set on that. So if you want it to have a part 2, definitely find a way to let me know you’re interested. If I think I’m the only person who cares, I might not get around to it. :)

The original story for this title was published as “Claw” (the third story in After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories). The second story for this title was published as Cam and Rick Play Dirty (a.k.a. Bel and Reed’s Long Night). But finally there’s a story for this title that stuck!

That would be this one. It’s not quite “after the heat” in the same sense the previous three stories are, but it is an after the heat story. You’ll see what I mean if you read it. :)

If you do, I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about Mason’s twin brother, Marcus. I certainly did, and I really enjoyed getting to write it.