Mason’s Regret

Mason's Regret (Wolves' Heat, book 8) Book Cover

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Book 8 of the Wolves’ Heat series!

M/M. Paranormal/Sci-fi romance.

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Mason’s Regret (A Wolves’ Heat Novel)

Once every three years, humans become sexual prey to a species that has no control over the urge to mate because of a devastating attraction to human scent.

It’s been three years since Mason and his twin brother were caught inside the American Protectorate and held as prisoners by the aliens everyone calls “wolves.” Mason’s brother hasn’t been the same since, and neither has Mason.

Now heat season has come again, and for reasons Mason doesn’t understand, his brother has gone back into the protectorate—and he needs Mason’s help.

Mason’s past is full of mistakes, but leaving his brother to deal with trouble alone isn’t one he’s going to make again—no matter the cost. But when wolves start howling nearby, there’s only one sane thing to do: run.

Except the only path to safety is through a terrifying alpha wolf who wants to claim Mason as his mate…

Book 8 in the Wolves’ Heat series.

This story contains explicit sex, graphic language, and sexual situations that some people might find offensive. Male/Male sexual content. Romance for anyone who likes hot male/male loving, alien mates, and a strong dose of alpha romance! Let’s be honest, this whole series is just one big helping of dubious consent.

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Mason appeared in Ian’s Choice along with his twin, Marcus, and was mentioned again in Brendan’s Fate and Matthew’s Chance. :D

He’s also Matthew’s cousin (from Brendan’s Fate).