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Of Monsters and Love Cover War!

I’m not usually so indecisive with covers, but I’ve got three potential covers for Of Monsters and Love, the next New Canton Republic book, and although I kind of know which one I like best, I’m not absolutely sure which one is best for the series.

Choosing the first cover (smoke) will mean it’s time for an update to all of the covers for the series, but it might be worth it. :D

But here they are. I’m calling them 1 (smoke), 2 (armpit), & 3 (bossy).

If you have a preference, I’d love it if you left a vote in the comments for the one you think I should use! :)

Of Monsters and Love Of Monsters and Love Of Monsters and Love

Here’s an update: In the end I went with something else altogether. I couldn’t decide and figured maybe that meant something about the covers I had to choose from. I hope you like the new, official cover, and thank you so much for commenting on the covers above!

Of Monsters and Love (New Canton Republic #5)

I’ll admit, the cover does give a few clues about the book! ;)

A Short Introduction

Hi! I’m Odessa Lynne and I write fiction.

At the moment, my focus is romance fiction, of the short variety, and my preferred setting is the fantasy kingdoms of Hend and Yurt. Yes, I know the names are a bit odd, but those are the names that spoke to me, and I had to listen.

I also prefer my romance to be between men, for whatever reason. Trust me when I say I’ve tried to analyze why I enjoy gay romance fiction so much but the truth is, I have no idea. I just know that reading about two men falling in love, and all the stuff that goes with that, does something for me that romance of the male/female variety doesn’t.

Just go with it. :) I do.

I hope to have my first story online and available for purchase soon. I’ll update when it’s ready.