R’H’ani Chronicles

The R’H’ani Chronicles…

The stories in The R’H’ani Chronicles are true romance at heart, although this isn’t a world where monogamy is a normal part of life… ;) In fact, these guys live in a world with a thriving sex industry, large harems, and complicated contracts that bind…

No matter how you choose to read, most of the R’H’ani Chronicles stories stand very well on their own. However, I always recommend you read them in the order of publication for the most fun! :D

  1. One for Himself – Ralen
  2. His One and Only – Nyk
  3. Everything He Wants – Mareck
  4. All He Needs – Garym
  5. One of Many – Arlen
  6. His Only One – Stefyn
  7. One to Love – Tomas
  8. His to Keep – Brylan
  9. His to Take – Meryl
  10. His Only Weakness – Eiryk
  11. One to Tame – Mateo
  12. No Better Offer – Stenyl
  13. Anything At All – Yestrille
  14. A Fair Trade – Neese
  15. Never Enough – Kalar – Coming soon
  16. At Any Cost – Spencyr

This series will continue until I run out of ideas or fellas to write about. I love writing these stories and these guys have captured a huge piece of my heart.

Book cover image for One for Himself (R'H'ani Chronicles, 1) Book cover image for His One and Only (The R'H'ani Chronicles, 2) Book cover image for Everything He Wants (R'H'ani Chronicles, 3) Book cover image for All He Needs (R'H'ani Chronicles, 4) Book cover image for One of Many (R'H'ani Chronicles, 5) Book cover image for His Only One (R'H'ani Chronicles, 6) Book cover image for One to Love (R'H'ani Chronicles, 7) Book cover image for His to Keep (R'H'ani Chronicles, 8) Book cover image for His To Take (R'H'ani Chronicles, 9) Book cover for His Only Weakness (R'H'ani Chronicles, 10) Book cover for One to Tame (R'H'ani Chronicles, 11) Book cover image for No Better Offer (R'H'ani Chronicles, 12) Anything At All cover image A Fair Trade bookcover Never Enough bookcover

The R’H’ani Chronicles Collections

Book cover image for The R'H'ani Chronicles Collection 1: Volumes 1-6