One to Tame

One to Tame is the 11th story in the R’H’ani Chronicles!
One to Tame book cover

M/M Futuristic / Science Fiction Fantasy

Novelette length.

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One to Tame (The R’H’ani Chronicles, Vol. 11)

In this follow-up tale to His to Keep, the R’H’ani Chronicles returns to Ani’Hain, where the people of another land have their own rules for love…

Mateo thought Brylan was adjusting well to his new life after being rescued from the corrupt harems of R’H’ani.

Then he discovered Brylan making plans to run away…

Enjoy this exciting new story in the R’H’ani Chronicles that takes us back across the Great Ani Ocean to Ani’Hain!

ONE TO TAME is the eleventh story in The R’H’ani Chronicles. Although the series is best experienced in order, this story can be read as a stand-alone story. Novelette length.

This is science fiction that feels a lot like a fantasy read. :D

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