Mage in Love

Episode 11 is available now direct from me and coming soon on Kindle Vella!

Jihu makes a bargain with crafty (but hot) Gaeru to escape death. One bad decision leads to another and, soon, Jihu has only himself to blame for the trouble that follows…

Mage in Love is a serialized M/M space fantasy romance!

As usual, I mix fantasy and science fiction elements with romance to get something uniquely mine. :D

Episodes 1–3 are free to read on Kindle Vella.

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Episode Titles

Episode 1: “You lose”

Episode 2: “Is it really?”

Episode 3: “Third parties”

Episode 4: “Sell out”

Episode 5: “No such luck”

Episode 6: “Reputation is forever”

Episode 7: “Nothing but nerves”

Episode 8: “It’s a draw”

Episode 9: “It’s magic, baby”

Episode 10: “One way forward”

Episode 11: “One hard target”

This story is currently only published as a serial. It’s unfinished and might go on for a while! :)

If you want to check it out, the first few episodes are free to read through Amazon’s Kindle Vella store: Mage in Love at Amazon.

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Don’t like tokens? Buy direct from me. 10 episodes = $2.99 The first episode is free. (Powered by Laterpress for easy online reading!)

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Psst… for those who care to know, there is a connection to the New Canton Republic series that will make itself known as the story goes on. :)