New Canton Republic

Thousands of years haven’t been enough to bring an end to the conflict between humans and the aliens who share their world. But the last of the old Canton Wars has brought a fragile peace and the New Canton Republic’s been holding steady for more than a hundred years.

The time’s coming for the ages old conflict between species to end and magic’s got just the plan to make it happen.

The New Canton Republic Books

  1. Of Magic and Mating
  2. Of Mating and Monsters
  3. Of Humans and Mates
  4. Of Mates and Barters
  5. Of Monsters and Love
  6. Of Love and Zembores
  7. Of Relations and Ships*


Of Magic and Mating book cover Of Mating and Monsters by Odessa Lynne Of Humans and Mates Of Mates and Barters (New Canton Republic #4) Of Monsters and Love (New Canton Republic #5) Of Love and Zembores bookcover Book cover image for Of Relations and Ships (New Canton Republic, book 7)

If you’re worried I’m not planning more books in the New Canton Republic series, you can set that aside. I’m definitely writing more of these books. I love this world and I love these guys and I cannot abandon my monsters! ;)