Of Relations and Ships

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Book 7 in the New Canton Republic series!

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Science Fiction/Fantasy. M/M Romance.

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About Of Relations and Ships (A New Canton Republic Novel)

Book 7 of the New Canton Republic series is a crazy, humorous, sometimes touching—okay, there’s a lot of touching—story of human-alien love

Kaviere is one of the long-lived aliens that humans call monsters. But Kaviere knows he is no monster. Humans are the real monsters—they destroyed the universe with their magic. But the universe isn’t what it was, thanks to a desperate plan put in motion by a desperate species.

But something has gone terribly wrong…

He wakes up on a world that should be dead. The first human he meets is Blane, and their connection is instantaneous. Even if Kaviere resists, he already knows the mating will not be stopped. But Blane is not only human, he has magic…

Blane has no idea what a single meeting with a crazy monster is about to do to his life, but he knows one thing: loving a monster is not that hard to do, even when he’s the craziest monster Blane has ever met…

A story of the New Canton Republic, where magic is determined to put an end to the ages old conflict between humans and the aliens who share their world!

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