Of Love and Zembores

Book 6 in the New Canton Republic series!

SF/Paranormal. M/M Romance.

Remember Vanost from Of Monsters and Love? Maybe? Yeah. He’s back. Even Yeeru crime lords need love. :D

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Of Love and Zembores (A New Canton Republic Novel)

Ben’s just trying to make a living the only way he knows how, but nothing’s been going right for him lately, and now he owes a dangerous criminal more than he can pay. He’s only got one thing left to sell that’ll even come close to getting him the zembores he needs to clear his debt.

Vanost is one of the aliens everyone calls monsters, and he wants what Ben’s selling with a desperation he’s never felt before. Vanost isn’t averse to using his power and wealth to get Ben into his bed, but he’ll give Ben a choice. Of course he will. He’s not a real monster.

Ben’s ready to bargain, and Vanost is willing to give up anything to make the deal. There’s just one little problem. Ben’s a liar and a thief who can’t be trusted. But that’s okay, because Vanost is a Yeeru crime lord with a few secrets of his own…

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