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Of Relations and Ships is coming (very) soon!

I have a few things left to do on Of Relations and Ships, after finally getting back to it this week. :D I’m happy to say that I’m very pleased with it even after being away from it for so long. I have a real soft spot for Kaviere and Blane, and I can’t wait to get it up for everyone to read. I’ll post an update this weekend, because I should have committed to a release date by then!

In the meantime, I’ve also posted a new episode of Mage in Love (episode 10). Writing is going well, I’m happy to report! :D For anyone who doesn’t know, Mage in Love is part of the New Canton universe, but not directly related to the series at the moment. That will eventually change, but not for a while. You definitely don’t have to have read the New Canton series to read it, and vice versa. :-)

It’s a Beautiful Day

I’m going to finish and post a new episode of Mage in Love later today, then look at Of Relations and Ships and see if I’m ready to restart my proofreading. It’s been super hard to concentrate these last few months but I think I am finally ready. The leaves are turning outside my window, the sun is shining, and there’s a light but gusty breeze. It’s a beautiful day. :)

Update: I did it! I’m so happy that I was able to finish the episode and post it. Episode 9 has been in the making for many months, to be honest, delayed by life events I didn’t expect, but it is done now. :D I’ll post a link when it goes live on Kindle Vella. (It’s live!) But you can get it now through Laterpress if you don’t want to wait.

Tomorrow, I will turn to Of Relations and Ships and see about getting that ready to go. I’ve been away from it for so long, I’m kind of scared to be honest, but I do remember liking it quite a lot so we shall see!

Getting through tough times

Hopefully, this will be the last post I have to write about delays for a long while. My father did pass away, but I’m doing okay. I just need a little time for things to settle around me before I can tackle all the things that have been put off. I didn’t finish the episode I mentioned in my last update nor get to restart my final proofreading, but I expect I’ll be able to do that soon.

Thank you so much for your patience and well wishes during these tough times. I’ve really appreciated all of it.

6/14 – My aunt passed away this morning (she went into hospice the day before my dad last week), and my dad’s funeral is tomorrow. I am feeling okay, at the moment. It’s been rough this week, but I have a lot of emotional support (I have an awesome sister) and I am doing okay.

Tomorrow will be a lot to handle, especially having the funeral in this record-breaking heat, but I think Dad would want me to get my book out as soon as I can afterward, so I will be turning to that as soon as I can once I have made it through this week. He definitely knew how much writing stories means to me. He was a reader, and although he never read any of my books, I know he was proud of me for writing them.

Update on delays

There’s a whole lot of stress in my life right now, but I’m working on my writing today regardless! First up, I have a half finished episode of Mage in Love so I’m going to go ahead with it first since I figure I can finish it and get it up today. Then, I am going to restart my final proofread for Of Relations and Ships which I bailed on when things got really bad because I just couldn’t concentrate on anything other than my real life at that point.

Unfortunately, I do have to restart that proofread from page one because it will be easy to miss things if I don’t and it’s been so long since I have looked at it, and I always try to put out the best book I can. :) I have to be the last one to go over my books before they go out, always. I can’t let them go out any other way. This will take me a couple of days, probably. I’m not gonna sugar-coat this, my dad is in bad shape and if he passes in the next week or has another incident in the hospital, it will take longer. That’s just the way it is.

I appreciate any and all well-wishes, and if you want to help out in any way, I will be eternally grateful for any Ko-fi or Patreon support or purchases through Laterpress or Smashwords (places where I get more of the money, faster). Google Play is a good third, and Barnes and Noble another good option. Amazon, Kobo, and Apple are fine also, but pay from those sales can take many months to make its way to me. Thank you so much if you do buy my books or support my writing!

New Episode of Mage in Love Is Available!

Jihu and Gaeru are having an adventure in Mage in Love

Episode 7: “Nothing but nerves” is available now!

In Mage in Love, Jihu makes a bargain with crafty (but hot) Gaeru to escape death. One bad decision leads to another and, soon, Jihu has only himself to blame for the trouble that follows…

Available at: Amazon

Mage in Love is an ongoing story published on Kindle Vella. (It’ll tie into the New Canton Republic universe eventually, but it’s going to take a while!)

If you go read an episode (the first three are free), and you want more, a thumbs up and a follow will let me know! :-)

Quick Update

I got sick after my family’s Christmas party and everything kind of fell to the wayside. I’m finally feeling a bit better, and I’m going to get the book up this week. I’m really sorry for the delay!

I’ve been so careful to avoid getting sick with Covid that I think I forgot for just a little while that Covid isn’t the only thing you can catch at a family gathering around the holidays when children are around. Anyway, I started to feel better last week, but my energy levels have just been the worst and I ended up having to give myself just a bit more time to get enough energy to do anything remotely productive.

I’ll go back and update the release date post with the correct release date after I get the book up, since I’m going to do it as quickly as I can this week, but I’m not sure if that’ll be tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday. I’m running out of energy fairly quickly the last few days so I need to give myself a little leeway.

Of Relations and Ships Has a Release Date!

Book cover image for Of Relations and Ships (New Canton Republic, book 7)
Blane wanted a monster to call his own. But the monster that wants him might be more of a monster than even Blane’s ready for…

Of Relations and Ships will be releasing a little later than I wanted, but I’ll be putting it up on December 27th! It’ll be going up on all the usual places.

Because of the holidays, some retailers might have a bit of a delay making it available, but it should be available somewhere on the 27th. Amazon, almost certainly, and I suspect that’s where most of you will pick up the book anyway, so that’s good news. :)

I really wanted to get it out before the holidays started, but I just wasn’t able to get it ready in time. It’s possible it could be early, but with the holidays slowing everything down, it’s really not likely.

I hope this is good news for those of you who’ve been waiting for this book!

Also, the Wolves’ Heat short story, Devon and Kem Under the Mistletoe (a.k.a. Ian and Craig’s First Fight) is available and there is a new episode of Mage in Love! (Mage in Love will tie in to the New Canton Republic series … eventually. It might take a little while to get there, though.) :D

A Bunch of My Books are Discounted for the Smashwords End of Year Sale

My author page on the Smashwords site lists the books that have coupon codes attached to them for their end of year sale. The sale runs through the end of the year.

If you’ve been holding off buying any of my series, this is a great time to get a bunch of them at a big discount.

You could try the R’H’ani Chronicles, which had a new release last month, or my New Canton series, which is about to have a new release, or the Wolves’ Heat series, if you’re a hold out on that one, for which I just released a holiday short story. :-)

You could even try my M/F romance series under the name Lynne Sterley, if you wanted to see what I did with real werewolves. :D

A Hint of Things to Come

Book cover image for Of Relations and Ships (New Canton Republic, book 7)
It’s Carlton’s little bro, Blane, who’s in for an adventure this time! :D (Carlton’s book was Of Mates and Barters, and Blane made a small appearance there.)

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s almost here! :D Of Relations and Ships is the longest New Canton Book I’ve written. But I think it’s a really fun story.

And a little something special is going to be out later this week. I’ve been thinking about writing a short story for the Wolves’ Heat series for a long while, and somehow, I’ve finally done it!

Book cover image for Devon and Kem Under the Mistletoe (a.k.a. Ian and Craig's First Fight) (A Wolves' Heat Short Story) by Odessa Lynne
Devon and Kem are celebrating the holidays! :D

Depending on whether or not there appears to be interest in these short stories, I might write a few more. I already have ideas … and titles, like Salvadore and Wolf Steal a Truck (a.k.a. Matthew and Ash Take a Ride) and Gerald and Tanis Make a Bet (a.k.a. Gerald Wins Even When He Loses). So, to be honest, I really hope there’s interest. :-)

Update! Devon and Kem Under the Mistletoe (a.k.a. Ian and Craig’s First Fight) is available now at Amazon and Google Play, and is coming soon to more ebook retailers.

More Episodes of Mage in Love are Available!

Jihu and Gaeru are having an adventure in Mage in Love

I have an ongoing story published on Kindle Vella.

Episode 3: “Third parties”, Episode 4: “Sell out”, and Episode 5: “No such luck” are available now!

In Mage in Love, Jihu makes a bargain with crafty (but hot) Gaeru to escape death. One bad decision leads to another and, soon, Jihu has only himself to blame for the trouble that follows…

Available at: Amazon

You can go read the first few chapters (episodes) for free on Kindle Vella. If you go read a chapter (the first three are free), and you like what you read, a thumbs up and a follow will let me know you liked it! :-)

In further news this weekend, I’ll be posting the cover for Of Relations and Ships in the next couple of days and expect to have the book up before the holidays set in. (And I haven’t told anyone yet, but there will be a tie-in with Mage in Love … eventually (it’s going to take some time)). :D But I have faith you’ll figure it all out eventually if you read Of Relations and Ships and Mage in Love both.