Of Magic and Mating

Of Magic and Mating


SF/Paranormal. M/M Romance.

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Thousands of years haven’t been enough to bring an end to the conflict between humans and the aliens who share their world. But the last of the old Canton Wars has brought a fragile peace and the New Canton Republic’s been holding steady for more than a hundred years.

Thrace is one of the long-lived, shape-shifting aliens the humans call monsters, and he’s spent the last several hundred years living a reclusive life, protecting what’s his from humans who would rather see him dead.

Then Thrace meets Gregory, a magic-wielding assassin who means to kill him.

But magic and monsters don’t mix, and by the time Gregory realizes he might be in over his head, it’s already too late: He’s at the mercy of a monster who’s much more interested in sex than death.

The time’s coming for the ages old conflict between species to end and magic’s got just the plan to make it happen.

OF MAGIC AND MATING is the first book in the New Canton Republic series.

This book contains explicit sex and language. Male/Male Sexual Content.


EXCERPT from Of Magic and Mating Copyright © Odessa Lynne, 2012

“You’re here to kill me.”

“No, I was here for the job,” Gregory said, finally pushing away from the door.

He hiked up his trousers, looked down at his hand and then wiped it off on his thigh, the resulting smear of shimmering white semen standing out in stark contrast to the dark fabric. He returned his gaze to Thrace and smiled.

“Okay, maybe killing you is my ultimate goal but the job was supposed to be my way in. But it’s your fault it’s all happening so quickly. I’m a little disappointed in you right now after the trouble I went through to find you. Thought you might be a challenge, but you didn’t seem to care at all how eager I was to pull out my cock and show it off. Weren’t you even a little bit suspicious that a strange man was willing to do that for a job with a monster?”

“Not really.”

Too busy thinking about cock and ass and how lonely he’d been. Thrace was just beginning to realize he probably should have taken his brother up on his offer to find him some companionship. He’d have been on his guard and maybe he wouldn’t now be at this man’s mercy all because he was starting to get a bit desperate for sex these days.

Thrace wasn’t sure how much longer he could stand there and not storm around the desk and throw himself at Gregory. The pheromonal magic had just about stolen every bit of good sense he had. Maybe dying would be worth the chance to not be alone for a while, have one last good fuck and if he were being honest, maybe some kissing and cock sucking to go along with it.

Not to belabor the fact, but it had been much too long since he’d had his mouth on anyone’s cock.

“Like I said … disappointed.”

“If I’d known you were coming, I could’ve planned it better,” Thrace said.

“Well, consolation prizes. How about we just skip the talk of killing and death, and get right to the fucking. After that—” Gregory shrugged.

“After that, what?”

“Well, it really depends on how much cock and ass you show me.”

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Author’s Note

When I started Of Magic and Mating, I had no idea this was going to turn into a series of books set in the New Canton Republic about magic and mating. I might have mentioned it before, but I’m not a planner by nature and that goes for stories too. When I wrote this book, anytime I talked about it, I called it my monster story. Still do, honestly.

If you purchase a copy, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did, and I hope you find yourself interested in what happens to Dominay because you’ll certainly be seeing him around if you pick up the next book in the series.

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