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If you enjoy my books and stories and want to show your support for my writing, this page is for you!

First and foremost, if you buy my books, you’re a supporter of my writing. You have my undying gratitude for that support, and I really hope you’ve enjoyed every book and story that you’ve read from me! :D

Any support you give is truly appreciated, and if you want more books from me, and faster, buying my books is the #1 easiest way to support my writing.

But any extra support you want to give is also appreciated an extra lot!

Thank you to those of you who are going above and beyond to support my writing! I’m truly grateful to every one of you.

If you’d like to become one of those who support my writing in other ways, here are a few of those ways.


  • Monthly membership options
  • One-time donations


  • Monthly membership options
  • One-time donations

Annual subscription to my writing through Laterpress

This is essentially a “buy from me” option!

  • Annual subscription option to get all my books and stories as they’re published: access to EPUB downloads for the majority of the books, access to EPUB downloads for the ongoing stories and collections when they’re added to the subscription as a complete book
  • Purchase access to individual books and stories: most books have an EPUB version, ongoing serials and collections do not have an EPUB version

All my new books and stories go up on Laterpress as soon as they’re published and are usually available there before anywhere else.

Although I don’t have my entire backlist of books and stories up on Laterpress just yet, I have plans to get everything on there.

All books and stories that I make available through Laterpress can be read online immediately after purchase, and other than the ongoing stories and collections (Mage in Love and After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories), the majority of them have an EPUB edition available for download so you can read them on whatever device you prefer!

Thank you so much for your support!