After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories

An ongoing collection of Wolves’ Heat short stories.

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M/M Romance. Science Fiction Romance.

About After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories

Revisit the people you know and love from the Wolves’ Heat novels, in short story sized bites!

Each chapter is a story set in the Wolves’ Heat universe. The series is ongoing and will be for as long as I have ideas for stories that are too short to be published on their own. :)

I honestly don’t know if there’s much demand for these small interludes and revisits with characters I love, so if you like them, please do let me know. It really does make a difference!

Current stories:

Chapter 1: “Teeth”

Revisit Ian and Craig’s early days in the first After the Heat story, “Teeth.”

Chapter 2: “Growl”

Revisit Gerald and Tanis in the second After the Heat story, “Growl.”

Chapter 3: “Claw”

Revisit Brendan and Trey from Brendan’s Fate in the third After the Heat story, “Claw.”

Chapter 4: “Prick”

Marcus has always looked out for his twin brother, Mason. Some things never change—and some things have to… Set during Mason’s Regret.

Chapter 5: “Itch”

Follow-up to “Prick.”

Chapter 6: “Scratch”

Revisit Brendan (and Trey!) in another short story set early in their life together.

Chapter 7: “Favor”

Revisit Salvadore during his early days inside the Wolves’ den complex.

Chapter 8: “Folly”

Coming soon!

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