Brendan’s Fate

Brendan's Fate cover imageThe third Wolves’ Heat book!

SF/Paranormal. M/M Romance.

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Brendan’s Fate (A Wolves’ Heat novel)

Submit or die…

Brendan wakes up in the woods with a head injury and an alien named Trey, and no memory of who he is. Others of Trey’s kind are hunting them, and they want Brendan dead. The only thing standing between them and Brendan is Trey.

Wolves, they’re called, with their wicked claws and sharp teeth, and they’ve shared Earth with humans for years.

The only thing Brendan knows about Trey is that he’s a leader of the wolves—and that he’s already demanding more from Brendan than Brendan’s willing to give…

Book 3 of the Wolves’ Heat series continues the story that began with Ian’s Choice and Devon’s Gamble, where Brendan finally meets his fate…

Male/Male romance for anyone who likes hot male/male loving with a strong dose of Alpha romance!