Of Mating and Monsters

Of Mating and Monsters by Odessa Lynne

The second NEW CANTON REPUBLIC book!

SF/Paranormal. M/M Romance.

March 2013. Available now!

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OF MATING AND MONSTERS (A New Canton Republic Novel)

Thousands of years hasn’t been enough to bring an end to the conflict between humans and the aliens who share their world. But the last of the old Canton Wars has brought a fragile peace and the New Canton Republic’s been holding steady for more than a hundred years.

Raymond is a monster of the human kind, driven mad by his magic, and it seems nothing can save him from his fate…

Then Raymond meets Dominay.

Dominay is one of the alien race the humans call monsters. Magic has brought the mating back to the monsters after thousands of years. But the mating is dangerous and madness is only one of the possible side-effects…

The time’s coming for the ages old conflict between species to end and magic’s got just the plan to make it happen.

Of Mating and Monsters is the second book in the New Canton Republic series, from the author of Of Magic and Mating and Ian’s Choice.

Magic and monsters don’t mix…until they do. The result could destroy their world…or give a monster his humanity back.

This story contains explicit sex and graphic language. Male/Male sexual content. Romance for anyone who likes hot male/male loving, mating, and magic!

Warning: This story contains explicit sex and graphic language, alien romance and certainly too many instances of the word “holy” and “shit.” Ah, well. I loved writing about Raymond and Dominay, so I make no apologies for what came of it! :)

I hope you enjoy the story if you pick it up, and if you do, please consider leaving a review wherever you purchased the book to help other readers find it.

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