His to Keep

His to Keep is the 8th story in The R’H’ani Chronicles.

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M/M Romance. SFF Romance. December 11, 2015.

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His to Keep (The R’H’ani Chronicles, #8)

Brylan has spent the last three years inside the harems of New United R’H’ani, happy with his life of pleasure and duty, until his newest employer betrays his trust and sells him to an Ani’Hain smuggler. But once in Ani’Hain and up for auction, Brylan starts to realize nothing is as it seems…

Enjoy this exciting new story in the R’H’ani Chronicles that takes us across the Great Ani Ocean to Ani’Hain, where the people of another land follow a different set of rules…

HIS TO KEEP is the eighth story in The R’H’ani Chronicles. Although the series is best experienced in order, this story can be read as a stand-alone story. Novelette length.

Brylan is first mentioned in One to Love.

Author’s note: Brylan needed his story told, but that meant a visit to Ani’Hain!

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