No Better Offer

No Better Offer is the 12th story in the R’H’ani Chronicles!

No Better Offer book cover

M/M Futuristic / Science Fiction Fantasy

Novella length.

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No Better Offer (The R’H’ani Chronicles, Vol. 12)

Stenyl is miserable in his new job in the harem of a wealthy R’H’ani bureaucrat, but it was the best he could get after being fired from his last for breaking the rules. When he gets a better offer, he knows he should accept. Only the better offer might not be the one he wants…

Spencyr is the reason Stenyl was fired without cause and forced to take a job he hates—so why does his heart still beat faster every time the gray man gets near?

Then there’s Neese, Stenyl’s handsome co-worker who claims not only not to be gay but to have never performed with another man, and who has made Stenyl an outcast in the harem. Neese is a liar, and Stenyl means to prove it.

If only Spencyr were a little more forthcoming about his own desires, and Neese wasn’t so infuriating—and so pretty…

Enjoy this exciting new tale in the R’H’ani Chronicles!

No Better Offer is the 12th story in The R’H’ani Chronicles. Although I think the series is better if you read it in order, this story can be read as a stand-alone story! Novella length.

This whole series is science fiction that reads a lot like fantasy. :D

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No matter how you choose to read, most of the R’H’ani Chronicles stories stand very well on their own. However, I always recommend you read them in the order of publication for the most fun! :D