Anything At All

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Anything At All is the 13th story in the R’H’ani Chronicles!

M/M Futuristic / Science Fiction Fantasy

Novelette length.

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Anything At All (The R’H’ani Chronicles, Vol. 13)

In this 13th volume of the R’H’ani Chronicles, Odessa Lynne brings you a novelette length story of male/male romance set in the land of Ani’Hain, where nothing is as simple as it seems…

Yestrille plans to marry for love, or not at all. But sometimes even the most simple plans fall apart when faced with the reality of life in Ani’Hain…

Anything At All is another exciting tale in the R’H’ani Chronicles, where romance and love follow a different set of rules, and true love always wins in the end!

Although the series is best read in order, this story can be read as a stand-alone story.

Since this is a R’H’ani Chronicles story, I don’t think I have to warn for sex. :D

And finally, this is science fiction that feels a whole lot like a fantasy read.

Yestrille also appeared in His to Keep and One to Tame.

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No matter how you choose to read, most of the R’H’ani Chronicles stories stand very well on their own. However, I always recommend you read them in the order of publication for the most fun! :D