One of Many

One of Many (R'H'ani Chronicles, 5)Volume 5 of The R’H’ani Chronicles!

Sci-fi/Fantasy. Male/Male Romance.

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Arlen knows he isn’t quite like the rest of the men in Sa’Marckale’s harem: body too soft, hair too red, skin too freckled. He’s never been a favorite, but he’s been perfectly happy with his status as one of many, even if it isn’t exactly the life he’d planned for himself.

Then Stefyn starts acting strangely around Arlen and he has no idea how to react to the unexpected attention from one of Sa’Marckale’s favorites, or what it might mean…

Enjoy this hot new tale of harem life set in the capital city of R’H’ani, where employment inside Sa’Marckale’s harem is the most enjoyable way to earn a better life!

Novelette Length.

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For the best reading experience, the stories in this series should be read in order.