The R’H’ani Chronicles Collection 1, Volumes 1–6

The R'H'ani Chronicles Collection 1 Volumes 1–6Available now!

M/M Romance. October 23, 2014.

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Collection 1 contains these stories:

#1: One for Himself
#2: His One and Only
#3: Everything He Wants
#4: All He Needs
#5: One of Many
#6: His Only One

These stories contain only male on male sex!

The R’H’ani Chronicles Collection 1, Volumes 1–6

One for Himself
Ralen has an interview for an exclusive harem job but his interviewer seems determined to see him fail…

His One and Only 
Nyk must guard his heart when his friends make assumptions about him and Ralen…

Everything He Wants
Mareck joins Sa’Marckale’s harem and learns a few things from Nyk and Ralen… But Garym is the man he most wants the chance to impress…

All He Needs
Garym has one rule. He doesn’t fall in love with his co-workers. But there’s one who makes him wish for something he can never have…

One of Many
Arlen’s always been one of many so when Stefyn starts acting strangely around him, he has no idea how to react to the unexpected attention, or what it might mean…

His Only One
Stefyn can’t let his jealousy over Arlen interfere with his job inside Sa’Marckale’s exclusive harem, but his heart doesn’t want to listen…