Everything He Wants

Everything He Wants is the 3rd story in The R’H’ani Chronicles and is novelette length.

Everything He Wants (R'H'ani Chronicles, 3)M/M Romance. Fantasy Romance.

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Mareck trades his virginity for a place in Sa’Marckale’s exclusive harem and learns a few things from Nyk and Ralen . . . But Garym is the man he most wants the chance to impress . . .

Revisit Sa’Marckale’s harem in the capital city of R’H’ani in this hot tale of one new employee’s first experience of harem life!

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Full series: The R’H’ani Chronicles

What is it about New United R’H’ani that appeals to me so much? Is it the sex for sale, all the manly action going on inside Rycka Marckale’s harem, the contracts? Oh, yes, it’s definitely ALL that. And the men. I do love them all!

Because this story wanted out of my head it made it to the front of the line! There will certainly be a sequel. In fact, I don’t have any particular plans to abandon this world any time soon, although I will be fitting more of these tales around my planned novels and other stories. ;-)

Next up: Garym, because he is trouble and he needs to get his act together or … nah. :) I just think he’s cute. Which is hilarious because he’s only in my head at this point…