A Short Introduction

Hi! I’m Odessa Lynne and I write fiction.

At the moment, my focus is romance fiction, of the short variety, and my preferred setting is the fantasy kingdoms of Hend and Yurt. Yes, I know the names are a bit odd, but those are the names that spoke to me, and I had to listen.

I also prefer my romance to be between men, for whatever reason. Trust me when I say I’ve tried to analyze why I enjoy gay romance fiction so much but the truth is, I have no idea. I just know that writing about two men falling in love, and all the stuff that goes with that, is more appealing to me than romance of the male/female variety. I read it all, but I write what I write.

Just go with it. :) I do.

I hope to have my first story online and available for purchase soon. I’ll update when it’s ready.