Would You Want Audiobooks Read by AI?

I’ll be blunt, there is no way I can pay for audiobooks for my books if read by a narrator/voice actor. That’ll take a lot of money I don’t have. I love my books, but they’re pretty niche. :D However, I have the opportunity to do my books in audio with an AI narrator through Google Play. It’ll take time, though, to set them up, listen for errors in pronunciation and fix that, and publish them. That’s the hazard of writing fantasy, science fiction, and lots of aliens into my books. :D

I am on the fence about this, but I do think I’m at least going to try to put out an AI read audio version of Gay for Alex because it will the least intensive. It’s not a really long book, all the names are standard and easily pronounced, and since Taken with Tony is coming up soon, it would be a good trial run.

I’d like to know if anyone who reads my books would actually care if they were in audio. What do you say?

Please, I would love it if you shared your thoughts on this in the comments! Email works too. :)

2 thoughts on “Would You Want Audiobooks Read by AI?

  1. KR

    I do like audio books. But I tend to use them for books I want to read, but can’t make myself sit down and read all the way through. I haven’t had that issue with your books.

    1. Odessa Lynne Post author

      I’m actually not a fan of audiobooks myself. Maybe that’s why it’s never felt pressing to try to find a way to get my books into audio. I don’t enjoy listening the way I enjoy the reading. But for nonfiction, it’s different. Audio is how I make myself get through most nonfiction books. If I read nonfiction in print or ebook, I end up skipping large chunks of it, or else I end up reading it out of order! :D


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