New Collection! The R’H’ani Chronicles Collection 2, Volumes 7–11

The R’H’ani Chronicles have grown from a few stories that I just had to write, to a fairly large set of stories set in New United R’H’ani, Ani’Hain, and the Great Isle of Ani.

Book cover for The R'H'ani Chronicles Collection 2, Volumes 7–11 by Odessa Lynne
This could be Brylan from the second story in this collection, His to Keep, or Tyran from the first story, One to Love! I’ll let you decide. :D

I’ve put the next set of stories into a collection called The R’H’ani Chronicles Collection 2, Volumes 7–11 and you can get it now.

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Expect true love, and a lot of sex. These guys are having fun! ;D

For more details and the most current links, see the main book page.

As usual with this series, I really recommend you read these stories in order! So if you haven’t read the first six stories, pick up a copy of The R’H’ani Chronicles Collection 1, Volumes 1–6 and read it first. :)

I had hesitated to make a new collection since the stories have gotten progressively longer and I’ve already put out paperbacks for some of the novellas (and have paperbacks in the works for the others)! But a new collection means I can easily put another group of the novelettes into paperback, so I’ve gone ahead and done it.

The paperback will be ready later in September. The ebook is ready now! :D