A Few More Weeks for the Next Book

I need a few more weeks for Taken with Tony. Some good news is that the temperature has been lower for the last few days and the inside of the house isn’t sweltering anymore. :)

I just put out the second R’H’ani Chronicles collection, which took more time than I expected, too. These stories are pure romance, but the setting is such that there is definitely a LOT of sex happening.

Most of the distributors want me to put them in erotica, but in my mind, that doesn’t fit at all! I guess I’m deluding myself. I feel like the stories are one-hundred percent focused on the romance, but if I don’t label them erotica, the distributors get mad at me! ;D

Have you read the R’H’ani stories? What do you think? Pure romance, or erotica is a fine label for them and just accept it?

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