After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories Will Be Released As Ebooks in 5-story Bundles

I’m super sorry to every one of you who has been reading the After the Heat stories on Kindle Vella, but due to the change in terms on the platform, I had to make the call to remove the collection from Vella.

However, that’s pretty good news in the long run because it means I can put the stories out in bundles as ebooks which you can buy and keep! :)

The stories will be back on Amazon soon, but they’ll also be available on other retail sites, too. The price will be the same as the cost of the ongoing collection that I sell through Laterpress: 5 stories for $2.99.

If you want to keep up with the stories as they’re published, buying access from me to read on Laterpress is going to be the way to go, but if you want an ebook, then picking up the 5-story bundles on one of the retailers is going to be your best choice. :)

I do have another Wolves’ Heat story upcoming in the collection, and I hope to have the first 5-story bundle published within a week or two!

Because Mage in Love is an ongoing story, I don’t have any plans to remove it from Vella, despite the change in terms. I don’t want to leave any of you hanging on an incomplete story! Mage in Love is a true serial story so it’s fundamentally different than the After the Heat stories, which are complete individual short stories.

If you have any questions about this, just leave a comment. :)

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