Gerald’s Lot

Book 7 of the Wolves’ Heat series!

SF/Paranormal. M/M Romance.

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Gerald’s Lot (A Wolves’ Heat Novel)

All he wants is his freedom. But that’s not what’s on offer…

For three years, Gerald has used his connections to gather intelligence on the powerful alien species humans call “wolves”—all in an effort to do his part to return order to the world after the destruction caused by the events of the first wolves’ heat.

Now he’s been caught—and there’s only one way to earn forgiveness for his crimes and save the treaty between his people and the technologically superior wolves: Submit and let one of them claim him as a mate.

It’s a hell of a blow when all he wants is his freedom. He just has to hope the wolf who claims him will be reasonable about letting him go after heat season. Anything else and he can kiss his freedom goodbye for good.

Of course, now he’s just tempting fate…

Male/Male content. Romance for readers who like hot alien alpha mates and men who aren’t afraid of stirring up trouble wherever they go!

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Next book in series: TBA (probably Mason’s Regret, but I’m leaving myself some wiggle room on this because I have a couple of ideas I’m chasing :D)