Will’s Hope

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Book 9 of the Wolves’ Heat series.

M/M. Paranormal/Sci-fi romance.

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Will’s Hope (A Wolves’ Heat Novel)

Will knows who he is, even if he doesn’t remember how or why he ended up on the run with one of the aliens everybody calls “wolves.”

He knows the wolves were welcomed to Earth with few reservations and shared technology and knowledge freely—until their first heat season revealed the dark truth about their attraction to human scent, triggering uncontrolled sexual aggression and violence, and changing the world as he knew it forever. He knows the wolves rule the American Protectorate, a place where they roam freely and claim humans for mates.

Will knows he has a past—and he knows something’s wrong, that his life isn’t what it should be—but he has no way to know that his past is about to come for him, and it’s going to be a fight to the death for his soul…

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