Matthew’s Chance

Matthew's Chance - Wolves' Heat #4 The 4th Wolves’ Heat book!

SF/Paranormal. M/M Romance.

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MATTHEW’S CHANCE (A Wolves’ Heat novel)

Once every three years, humans become sexual prey to a species that has no control over the urge to mate because of an unexpected and devastating attraction to human scent.

Three years have passed since Matthew switched loyalties in the conflict between humans and the alien species they call “wolves.” In that time, he’s infiltrated the renegades and passed intel through the wolf he knows as Ash. And even though Matthew wants Ash, Ash hasn’t given Matthew any indication his interest is returned.

Then Matthew takes one chance too many with the renegades and ends up in wolf territory, and he’s not alone.

Heat season has arrived, and no matter who else wants to claim Matthew, he’s only interested in the one wolf who seems determined not to take him as a mate…

Male/Male romance for anyone who likes hot male/male loving with a strong dose of Alpha romance!