New Mage in Love Episode 20: “Loyalties”!

The story is branching out and picking up steam. :)

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Episode/Chapter 20: “Loyalties”

In Mage in Love, Jihu makes a bargain with crafty (but hot) Gaeru to escape death. One bad decision leads to another and, soon, Jihu has only himself to blame for the trouble that follows…

Cast so far:

  • Jihu – Smuggler? He’s up to something, no doubt! Whatever it is, he seems to be in over his head.
  • Gaeru – Big title and big trouble. What’s he planning? And why is he dragging Jihu into it?
  • Baeo – Jihu’s friend? Definitely not his boyfriend. Definitely more trouble than he’s worth!
  • Daehu – Sex worker who wants to be anywhere but where he is… Is he hiding something?
  • Taeom – Association Militia? Watch your back, Jihu!

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