“Itch” is a New Wolves’ Heat Short Story in After the Heat!

There’s a new short story in the After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories collection! This one is called “Itch” and it’s a follow-up to “Prick”. Get it from me and read it on Laterpress, or read it on Kindle Vella when it goes live there. :)

That’s not all that’s coming this week! I have another completed Wolves’ Heat short story that I’ll be putting into the collection, and new episodes of Mage in Love.

It’s gonna be a busy couple of days for me, and I hope some fun reading for you! :D

I’ll post as things become available.

Anyone waiting on the short story for the New Canton Republic series that I hinted at a while back are finally going to get to see it soon. I’ll probably write more of them, because I really love my New Canton universe! :D

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