Early Access to After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories

Cover image for After the Heat: Wolves' Heat Stories featuring a view of the moon and clouds through a dark, menacing forest

Anyone who has bought (or will buy) the chapter bundles for After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories from me is going to get early access to the stories!

This isn’t intended to put out those of you who are reading the Kindle Vella edition, I promise. It’s just the way the platform works.

My direct edition goes live the moment I post a new story, but Kindle Vella requires every episode to go through review and be approved before they’ll publish it, and it can take up to 72 hours, according to Amazon, for the episode to go live. (It doesn’t usually take that long, but it does take a while.)

The same applies to Mage in Love. The direct edition is usually live for twelve hours or more before the Kindle Vella edition is most of the time. :)

So we’re just going to call this a perk for those who are reading the edition they’re getting direct from me!

Also, if you put your email address in when you buy from me, you’ll get an email when I put up new content. :D

No matter where you’re reading the stories, thank you so much for supporting After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories! I’m still so excited to be able to publish them in a way that works for me and gets them out to you!