Published a New Story in After the Heat!

The second story in my ongoing collection of Wolves’ Heat stories called After the Heat: Wolves’ Heat Stories is available now from me at Laterpress (see below if you want more details).

Cover for After the Heat: Wolves' Heat Stories featuring a view of the moon and clouds through a dark, menacing forest

Revisit Gerald and Tanis in the second After the Heat story, “Growl.”

If you want it now, immediately, you do have to get it directly from me, but if you can wait, you can read it when it’s live on Kindle Vella at Amazon (here’s why you get early access if you buy direct from me)!

I really love this little story! If you read it, I hope you do too. :)

These are standalone stories that are just too short to be published by themselves but which are definitely part of the Wolves’ Heat universe!

I honestly don’t know if there’s much demand for these small interludes and revisits with characters I love, so if you like them, please give them a little love. A thumbs up, a like or fave or whatever it’s called, on Vella, or if you buy direct, just post here and let me know that you want more of them. :)

If you choose the direct from me option

If you choose the direct from me option, it’s a 5 chapter bundle (5 stories) = $2.99. There aren’t five stories up yet, but if you unlock 5 chapters, you’ll get to read 5 chapters/stories before you need to buy more.