Of Relations and Ships Is Available Now!

Book cover image for Of Relations and Ships (New Canton Republic, book 7) with man standing in front of otherworldly city

It’s been a long time coming, but Of Relations and Ships is finally here!

Book 7 of the New Canton Republic series is a crazy, humorous, sometimes touching—okay, there’s a lot of touching—story of human-alien love, and it’s available now. ;)

Direct from me (see below for details) | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Amazon | Kobo | Google Play | Apple Books

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As of now, it’s available at Smashwords and direct from me through Laterpress! Coming soon to the other retailers. (Just waiting on retailers to process the book. So check if you want, it might show up while I’m at the dentist. ;D)

I’ll update the main book page as links go live. :D Happy reading!

I really hope you enjoy this one if you pick it up. It’s a long one. It really surprised me. Kaviere and Blane had so much story to tell!

I’m really glad to be able to post this. It’s been a tough couple of years and all my writing took a major hit. This book kind of got caught in the middle and it took me so much longer to get it all sorted out than I wanted it to. But I’m so glad to be back at it, and I’m thrilled to finally have this book out!

Hopefully, you’ll forgive me for taking so long, and you’ll enjoy this book if you pick it up! :)

Now, on to the next! Taken with Tony is not that far away and neither is Liam’s Trust. After that, I’m going to revisit the short story idea I have for Salvadore and Wolf. I can’t promise in what order I’ll finish all my next books, but I hope to write a lot this year. :)

If you have preferences for what you want me to write next, let me know. I won’t promise I’ll get right to it, but it sure does help me keep going when I know someone other than me cares about the next book!

You can buy direct from me (powered by Laterpress)! Good for anyone who likes to download EPUBs for reading or who likes to read on the web. You can click download and immediately get the option to buy the book, or read the free chapter first, after which you’ll get the option to buy the book. Here’s what you’ll see (the screenshot below).

Screenshot showing price of $6.99 to unlock or download entire book Of Relations and Ships for reading on Laterpress
This is just a screenshot. :) If you want to read the sample chapter and then buy the book, click the link at the top of the page.

When you buy, you’ll have access to the online version and an EPUB download you can save to whatever device you like to read on. :)

If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s not much different from Smashwords. Except the Laterpress web based reader is a lot more like a regular ebook reading experience!

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