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Gay for Alex Is Available!

Gay for Alex is finally available! It’s not live everywhere yet, specifically Amazon (it is now!), but it’s available from several online stores already. :) I’ll be notifying the email list after a few more links come through (namely iBooks and Kobo).Gay for Alex

Available now at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Apple | Smashwords | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA | Amazon DE

As usual, the most up-to-date list of links is going to be on the book’s dedicated page. :)

Gay for Alex

He’s marrying his best friend for money and revenge…

Dayton Royce’s grandfather seems determined to rule Dayton’s life even from the grave. The only way Dayton can get his hands on the inheritance that rightfully belongs to him is to marry before his twenty-fifth birthday. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose it all.

But Dayton’s never been good at following orders, and he has no intention of bowing to his grandfather’s dictates. Dayton’s found a way to get what’s his and give his grandfather the middle finger one last time: he’s going to marry his best friend, Alex, instead of one of the girls his grandfather wanted him to marry.

It should be the perfect revenge.

What it turns out to be is complicated, because Dayton never has known how to quit while he’s ahead…

I’m not going to pretend I’m not very nervous about this book, because I really am! Contemporary romance isn’t my usual thing, even though I love these kinds of stories. I can’t help it, but I am fascinated by marriages of convenience and all their possible complications (the Hend & Yurt series is one result of that fascination! I cannot wait until I finally get to write the story I have in mind for Yohan and Rand). :D I also have a real soft spot for gay for you stories. So when I had the idea for this book a few years ago, I couldn’t pass up writing it—even though it has taken me a really long time to get it done.

Anyway, if you pick up a copy of Gay for Alex, I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I have. And seriously, let me know if you want more of these. I really have no idea if anyone cares if I write more in this world or just kind of move on, so definitely comment if you do want more. :)

So excited! IAN’S CHOICE is available

Ian's Choice

Links are on the book’s main page!

A trade sized print edition will be available May 2013.

IAN’S CHOICE (a Wolves’ Heat novel)

Don’t run if you get caught unless you want claws in your spine and teeth in your neck and two hundred pounds of lust-crazed wolf on your back.

First contact between humans and the alien species they’ve nicknamed “wolves” couldn’t have been more tranquil. The wolves shared their superior technology and knowledge in exchange for a new home, and thousands of wolves abandoned their aging spacefaring ships to settle in Earth’s forested mountain regions.

But the wolves held some secrets too close and humanity has begun paying the price.

Once every three years, humans become sexual prey to a species that has no control over the urge to mate because of an unexpected and devastating attraction to human scent.

Heat season has arrived and a pack of wolves are bearing down on Ian.

His only choice, when he’s rescued by an Alpha drawn in by his scent: Submit or die…

This story contains explicit sex, graphic language, and sexual situations that some people might find offensive.

There’s Alpha style romance and probably too many instances of the word “fuck” and “shit.” Ah, well. I enjoyed writing this world so much.

As my longest published novel to date, the story has a nice depth to it. Ian is the exclusive viewpoint character in the book, though, and for me, that’s different. I have no idea what happened with that, but Ian wanted this to be about him and him alone apparently! I think it has set the precedent for the series though so expect more (human) single viewpoint books in Wolves’ Heat. I think it gives a certain mysterious quality to the alien nature of the wolves in this universe and keeps the emphasis on humanity’s uncertainty when dealing with them.

Of Magic and Mating Is Available

Of Magic and Mating book coverThousands of years hasn’t been enough to bring an end to the conflict between humans and the aliens who share their world. But the last of the old Canton Wars has brought a fragile peace and the New Canton Republic’s been holding steady for more than a hundred years.

Then Thrace meets Gregory.

The time’s coming for the ages old conflict between species to end and magic’s got just the plan to make it happen.

Of Magic and Mating is the first book in the New Canton Republic Trilogy, from the author of The King’s Guard.

Magic and monsters don’t mix … until they do. The result is amazing sex … and a love that could change a world.

This book contains explicit sex and language. Male/Male Sexual Content.

Details here: Of Magic and Mating by Odessa Lynne

One for Himself is Published

ONE FOR HIMSELF IS AN EROTIC ROMANCE OF THE GAY male on male variety and is definitely a lot hotter than The King’s Guard. The sex is more explicit and the language is more intense. It’s also a short story, so there’s that too. :) The King’s Guard was a short novel, while One for Himself is a short story, although it’s not that short at almost 7,000 words.

Here’s what I put up as the description…

In this scorching hot tale, Odessa Lynne brings you a short story of m/m erotic romance in a land where one’s status is equal only to the size and quality of one’s harem…

Ralen’s excited at the prospect of returning to a harem and he’s ready to prove it to his interviewer Nyk. Only Nyk makes him think less about the many and more about one for himself…

Here’s an excerpt… [ Copyright © Odessa Lynne 2012. All Rights Reserved. ]

“Show me,” Nyk said, his voice deeper than it had been only a few moments ago.

Ralen reached down and slowly fondled himself, touching his balls, and then his cock, curling his fingers around the shaft as his cock stiffened.

These were usually the awkward moments, working to get a sexual reaction out of himself when there wasn’t any real reason for it.

He kept his eyes on Nyk, because looking at Nyk definitely helped. It wasn’t unusual for interviewers to be handsome—or beautiful, and Nyk was without a doubt attractive, his dark hair cropped just short enough so that the edges curled up at his ears and brushed the top of his eyebrows, his jaw and cheeks lightly shadowed, and his chest well-defined under the clinging shirt.

When Nyk’s tongue came out to moisten his bottom lip, Ralen’s body reacted, his cock going completely hard within the circle of his hand as the sight of those lips and that mouth encouraged Ralen’s erection like nothing else had done that day.

Ralen’s gaze skimmed over the increasing bulge inside Nyk’s loose fitting trousers. Despite Nyk’s unhappiness with the idea of giving Ralen special consideration, Nyk obviously found something about Ralen appealing or Nyk’s cock wouldn’t also be half-hard already and getting harder by the moment.

Sound interesting? Buy the story… :-)

The King’s Guard is Published

I’m very excited to have finally published The King’s Guard. While I intend to write more stories set in this fantasy world where The Treaty rules, for the moment, I’m just happy to have The King’s Guard online and ready for readers to purchase.

If you happen to pick up the book, I hope you enjoy it.

The King's Guard