Gay for Alex Is Available!

Gay for Alex is finally available! It’s not live everywhere yet, specifically Amazon (it is now!), but it’s available from several online stores already. :) I’ll be notifying the email list after a few more links come through (namely iBooks and Kobo).Gay for Alex

Available now at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Apple | Smashwords | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA | Amazon DE

As usual, the most up-to-date list of links is going to be on the book’s dedicated page. :)

Gay for Alex

He’s marrying his best friend for money and revenge…

Dayton Royce’s grandfather seems determined to rule Dayton’s life even from the grave. The only way Dayton can get his hands on the inheritance that rightfully belongs to him is to marry before his twenty-fifth birthday. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose it all.

But Dayton’s never been good at following orders, and he has no intention of bowing to his grandfather’s dictates. Dayton’s found a way to get what’s his and give his grandfather the middle finger one last time: he’s going to marry his best friend, Alex, instead of one of the girls his grandfather wanted him to marry.

It should be the perfect revenge.

What it turns out to be is complicated, because Dayton never has known how to quit while he’s ahead…

I’m not going to pretend I’m not very nervous about this book, because I really am! Contemporary romance isn’t my usual thing, even though I love these kinds of stories. I can’t help it, but I am fascinated by marriages of convenience and all their possible complications (the Hend & Yurt series is one result of that fascination! I cannot wait until I finally get to write the story I have in mind for Yohan and Rand). :D I also have a real soft spot for gay for you stories. So when I had the idea for this book a few years ago, I couldn’t pass up writing it—even though it has taken me a really long time to get it done.

Anyway, if you pick up a copy of Gay for Alex, I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I have. And seriously, let me know if you want more of these. I really have no idea if anyone cares if I write more in this world or just kind of move on, so definitely comment if you do want more. :)

9 thoughts on “Gay for Alex Is Available!

  1. Rain

    I was a little surprised to see a contemporary romance, but I’ll give it a read. Looking forward to Gerald’s Lot.

    1. Odessa Post author

      You’ve put me on the spot. Aeeiiyyy! :)

      I’m actually trying to figure that out. I’ll have an update about it in a few days I think and an official release date. Just have some stuff going on that’s making it a bit difficult to commit.

  2. MH

    Sorry meant to tell you as soon as I finished reading how much I enjoyed Gay for Alex. Bought it the same day it came out on Amazon but life is weird and things got crazy. Anywho, thanks so much for your wonderful stories.

    1. Odessa Post author

      Oh, thanks so much! I appreciate you letting me know. :) I really want to write a book for Tony, and I do have the first chapter done, but… I really have to finish some other books first!

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