Coming October 28, Gay for Alex!

**Yeah, it’s going to be late in the day before it’s live. I’m probably the only one surprised by this.**

Gay for Alex is finally coming on October 28. I had hoped for the 20th, then thought maybe the 25th, but nope. The 28th it is. :D But finally!Gay for Alex

I can’t believe I wrote a contemporary story without paranormal elements. That kind of setting is so hard for me. I love science fiction and fantasy, and mixing it up with the male/male romance I love is just my favorite thing in the world. But I had this idea and I really wanted to write it. Gay for Alex is totally just male/male contemporary romance—with nary a paranormal, science fiction, or fantasy element in sight. :o

The book turned out nothing like I thought it would turn out when I started it, but I love it anyway. I adore Dayton and Alex so much that it’s embarrassing. :D

Anyway, I’ll be getting the description up soon and a new updated cover image (the old one I mocked up was for the “Gay for You” title I didn’t end up with).

I hope there’s interest in this one when all’s said and done, because I’d really like to revisit this world—and these guys! I already know exactly who’ll be in the next book if I get to write it. :)