Ideas for a Redesign of the Wolves’ Heat Book Covers

I’m playing with the idea of a redesign for the covers for the Wolves’ Heat series. But… I kind of like the style of the current covers, without people on them. Then again, I really like handsome fellas on books covers, because it’s possible I’m a bit shallow like that even though I try not to be. There’s just something about a man’s body that really attracts my eye… ;)

So, here are a few ideas I’ve got for Ian’s Choice, Devon’s Gamble, & Brendan’s Fate. I’m just not settled on the idea and I really need to be because I have to decide before next month when I’m planning to get Gerald’s Lot out and that cover needs to be done ASAP.

THESE ARE SAMPLES ONLY. Definitely not ready for distribution anywhere but here. :)

Ian Devon Brendan

Some of the text is identical, when it definitely shouldn’t be.

Feeling any love for these? Prefer the way things are? Feel free to let me know in the comments. :)

8 thoughts on “Ideas for a Redesign of the Wolves’ Heat Book Covers

  1. Jennifer

    So happy I happened to.stop by and do a check on release date for Geralds Lot. Only a month to go!! :) I like the covers as they are too. Leaves more for the imagination. But those sure are nice looking covers. Especially Ian.

    1. Odessa Post author

      I do like the nice looking fellas on the covers, but I’m probably going to set this idea aside for the time being. Seems like the old cover style is fine for lots of people and that’s okay with me.

  2. Ashley

    I am so excited! I’ve been looking forward to Geralds Lot and I’m happy to see news. I prefer the old covers personally but I know nothing about marketing. :/

  3. Marleen

    I have to admit that I also prefer the old covers but than I don’t attach much importance to look and feel. :)
    I’m looking forward to the publication of Geralds Lot.

    1. Odessa Post author

      Thanks! I have a soft spot for the covers but I’m not blind to their flaws. They’re more about mood than anything else. I’m probably just going to stick with them for now and revisit this idea a bit later. :)

    1. Odessa Post author

      In December, unless catastrophe strikes. :)

      (Since I’m under a tornado warning at the moment, I had to add that caveat just so I don’t tempt fate. But finally some rain! Yay!)

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