Of Monsters and Love Hit the All Romance Bestseller List

I got an email from All Romance this morning, saying Of Monsters and Love has hit the Allromance.com Bestseller List. It was a very nice way to start my Sunday morning.

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Of Monsters and Love (New Canton Republic, #5)

I ended up really loving Agg and Rafe and I hope some of you have enjoyed their story. :)

In other news, still busy getting Gay for Alex ready for later this month. I’ve set the tentative date for release to October 25 and I’m feeling pretty good about it! I’m getting excited! This book has been so fun for me. I just adore Dayton and Alex and I’m really hoping some of you will really like them too. :)

4 thoughts on “Of Monsters and Love Hit the All Romance Bestseller List

  1. Renee

    I love all your books but please please please, I’ve been waiting for Gerald’s Lot for almost a year. Please tell me you’re not going to leave Brendan and the others alone! I love all your books but Brendan and the Wolves Heat series are so amazing and I love them! Please, please continue!

    1. Odessa Post author

      I’m sorry! :) I am working on Gerald’s Lot to get it ready for a (hopeful) November release. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I really do work on more than one book at a time. I’ve been working on all these coming releases since last year and they all kind of fell into line at the same time. :) I was almost positive that Of Monsters and Love was just about done several times, and then found myself spending days and weeks sucked into one of the other books. It was maddening, knowing I really needed to get it finished and out, but sometimes I just can’t seem to move forward on a story until stuff has percolated inside my brain for a bit.

      Gerald’s Lot is coming, and you can bet I have several more books in the Wolves’ Heat series already lined up in my head! I love those books. :D

      And not to bore you with a repeat of the same old story, but I really am trying to arrange things so I can write more, because I really want to write all these stories, and sooner rather than later! ;)

  2. Jean

    Loved the new book! Have to ask, are there more books coming in the series? If so when do you think they will come out?

    Thank you! Love your books!

    1. Odessa Post author

      Thank you for letting me know! :) I’m planning more for the series, but I do have some other stories I need to write or get out first. Next tentative title is Of Love and Zembores. I keep the website updated when I have news, so come check for updates any time!

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