So excited! IAN’S CHOICE is available

Ian's Choice

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A trade sized print edition will be available May 2013.

IAN’S CHOICE (a Wolves’ Heat novel)

Don’t run if you get caught unless you want claws in your spine and teeth in your neck and two hundred pounds of lust-crazed wolf on your back.

First contact between humans and the alien species they’ve nicknamed “wolves” couldn’t have been more tranquil. The wolves shared their superior technology and knowledge in exchange for a new home, and thousands of wolves abandoned their aging spacefaring ships to settle in Earth’s forested mountain regions.

But the wolves held some secrets too close and humanity has begun paying the price.

Once every three years, humans become sexual prey to a species that has no control over the urge to mate because of an unexpected and devastating attraction to human scent.

Heat season has arrived and a pack of wolves are bearing down on Ian.

His only choice, when he’s rescued by an Alpha drawn in by his scent: Submit or die…

This story contains explicit sex, graphic language, and sexual situations that some people might find offensive.

There’s Alpha style romance and probably too many instances of the word “fuck” and “shit.” Ah, well. I enjoyed writing this world so much.

As my longest published novel to date, the story has a nice depth to it. Ian is the exclusive viewpoint character in the book, though, and for me, that’s different. I have no idea what happened with that, but Ian wanted this to be about him and him alone apparently! I think it has set the precedent for the series though so expect more (human) single viewpoint books in Wolves’ Heat. I think it gives a certain mysterious quality to the alien nature of the wolves in this universe and keeps the emphasis on humanity’s uncertainty when dealing with them.