All He Needs should become available tomorrow…

All He Needs is the 4th R’H’ani Chronicles story, continuing the tale of Garym and Mareck that began in Everything He Wants. If you buy the story and enjoy it, please consider posting a review for me. I’d appreciate it greatly! And if you do enjoy the story, let me hear from you! I have no idea if people want me to continue the series indefinitely, or if you’d prefer something new. :) Thank you!

I truly hope you enjoy the story. This one’s my favorite yet.

Odessa Lynne

About All He Needs

In this fourth volume of the R’H’ani Chronicles, Garym discovers that sometimes what he wants isn’t what he needs and that teaching Mareck how to perform on the job might cause him as much heartache as it brings him pleasure. Enjoy this hot new tale of harem life set in the capital city of R’H’ani, where men love men and employment inside the harems is the easiest way to a better life!

As usual, graphic sex and language reside inside this story. I can’t seem to help myself and I do have a fascination with the words cock and dick, fuck and suck. LOL.

All He Needs is the 4th story in The R’H’ani Chronicles and is approximately 8,600 words.

The other R’H’ani Chronicles in order:

  1. One for Himself (Vol. 1)
  2. His One and Only (Vol. 2)
  3. Everything He Wants (Vol. 3)