One for Himself is Published

ONE FOR HIMSELF IS AN EROTIC ROMANCE OF THE GAY male on male variety and is definitely a lot hotter than The King’s Guard. The sex is more explicit and the language is more intense. It’s also a short story, so there’s that too. :) The King’s Guard was a short novel, while One for Himself is a short story, although it’s not that short at almost 7,000 words.

Here’s what I put up as the description…

In this scorching hot tale, Odessa Lynne brings you a short story of m/m erotic romance in a land where one’s status is equal only to the size and quality of one’s harem…

Ralen’s excited at the prospect of returning to a harem and he’s ready to prove it to his interviewer Nyk. Only Nyk makes him think less about the many and more about one for himself…

Here’s an excerpt… [ Copyright © Odessa Lynne 2012. All Rights Reserved. ]

“Show me,” Nyk said, his voice deeper than it had been only a few moments ago.

Ralen reached down and slowly fondled himself, touching his balls, and then his cock, curling his fingers around the shaft as his cock stiffened.

These were usually the awkward moments, working to get a sexual reaction out of himself when there wasn’t any real reason for it.

He kept his eyes on Nyk, because looking at Nyk definitely helped. It wasn’t unusual for interviewers to be handsome—or beautiful, and Nyk was without a doubt attractive, his dark hair cropped just short enough so that the edges curled up at his ears and brushed the top of his eyebrows, his jaw and cheeks lightly shadowed, and his chest well-defined under the clinging shirt.

When Nyk’s tongue came out to moisten his bottom lip, Ralen’s body reacted, his cock going completely hard within the circle of his hand as the sight of those lips and that mouth encouraged Ralen’s erection like nothing else had done that day.

Ralen’s gaze skimmed over the increasing bulge inside Nyk’s loose fitting trousers. Despite Nyk’s unhappiness with the idea of giving Ralen special consideration, Nyk obviously found something about Ralen appealing or Nyk’s cock wouldn’t also be half-hard already and getting harder by the moment.

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