Two New R’H’ani Chronicles Stories Are Coming This Week

Two new R’H’ani Chronicles stories are coming later this week. They’re ready to go, and I just have to find the time to get them up and live.

One is a novelette like most of the rest and the other is a novella, a little bit longer than No Better Offer. If you want to know more about Neese, well that one is certainly going to give you that! The other is a story for Yestrille (from His to Keep and One to Tame), and oh, my, I totally love Yestrille even more than I loved him before, and I really loved Yestrille to begin with so there! He got a story and it’s one I happen to love so, so much!

After I get these up, it’s back to getting the novels I’ve been working on all summer ready.

I want to get Of Relations and Ships out in November, if at all possible, but I do still have some work to do on it.

Taken with Tony is getting really close and I totally think it’ll be a December book for me.

Liam’s Trust is still very much in progress, while I’ve got something new and possibly stand alone in the works too. :D That one’s untitled, so I’ve just been calling it Adam after one of the leads. :-) It’s a strange one, but as usual, it’s got romance and love and sex and a bit of a plot too. Okay, a massive plot, what the hell. It’s not like that’s going to surprise anyone. :D

I’d love to guarantee all of these will be out when I’d like them to be out, but it’s just not possible. My muse is fickle, fickle, fickle, and I have to do what I have to do to keep the stories flowing.

Anyway, back to work for me! I’m trying to get those R’H’ani stories out as soon as I can now that they’re ready. I’ll update with an announcement as soon as I do!