No Better Offer Is Now Available in Paperback!

The trade paperback edition of No Better Offer is now available! You can get it at Amazon, or find more links on the book page for No Better Offer. Check them out if you need a link to a different retailer.

No Better Offer Paperback Cover

No Better Offer (The R’H’ani Chronicles, Vol. 12)

Stenyl is miserable in his new job in the harem of a wealthy R’H’ani bureaucrat, but it was the best he could get after being fired from his last for breaking the rules. When he gets a better offer, he knows he should accept. Only the better offer might not be the one he wants…

Spencyr is the reason Stenyl was fired without cause and forced to take a job he hates—so why does his heart still beat faster every time the gray man gets near?

Then there’s Neese, Stenyl’s handsome co-worker who claims not only not to be gay but to have never performed with another man, and who has made Stenyl an outcast in the harem. Neese is a liar, and Stenyl means to prove it.

If only Spencyr were a little more forthcoming about his own desires, and Neese wasn’t so infuriating—and so pretty…

The book is a 5 x 8 inch paperback and 130 pages.

The other volumes will be coming to paperback soon, even though I freely admit they’re a little thin in paperback, but they’re really nice to hold and flip through! :D The first in the series has actually been in paperback for a long time, but wait to pick it up if you want the collection! The new edition will have the most recent cover and match the rest of the books when they’re done. :)

If you like thicker paperbacks, you can pick up the first six stories in the series in the paperback edition of The R’H’ani Chronicles Collection: Volumes 1–6. It is definitely not thin at 279 pages. :D