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An update on upcoming books and a question or two

Brendan’s Fate is the next book I’ll be putting out, but it won’t be the last Wolves’ Heat book. And although I finished the trilogy about the New Canton Republic, that world still has plenty of stories in it and I’ll be putting out another book in that series after Brendan’s Fate, before revisiting Wolves’ Heat.

Somewhere in there, I’m determined to get The King’s Gambit written and released, the 2nd book in the Hend & Yurt series because Leon’s and Geran’s story is far from over. They have adventures awaiting them and a villainess to face. I also want to give Rand a story and write more about Ithera and Thad. ;)

That said, though, there are plenty of fellas in the Wolves’ Heat universe that need love and I won’t be ignoring them for long.

If only I could write faster!

What series are you most interested in seeing continue? Do you have a favorite minor character you’d like to see find love?

I definitely write the stories I want to read, but I am very open to requests from anyone who has read my stories and liked them enough to want to read more. Just leave a comment here or email me. :)

Working on Next Book

So, I’m currently working on my next book, working title “Magic,” just because I have no idea what I’m going to call this one yet. I’m really excited by the story and expect it to be completed soon. [This turned out to be Of Magic and Mating.]

I’m seriously enjoying writing the romance along with the fantasy and science fiction elements that make up this story.

Without giving too much away at this point, this has to be my favorite so far of all the stories I’ve written. There’s humor, action-adventure, romance (IMO, sexy, hot romance!) and the two heroes are just perfect for each other.

Once I complete this story (which I’m sure will lead to future stories set on this world I’ve created), I’m going to revisit the worlds from The King’s Guard and One for Himself.

The King’s Guard sequel will be a direct sequel and deal with the issues Leon and Geran are still facing, while the One for Himself sequel will actually be the story of someone else in the harems. :-) [That didn’t happen, which you’ll note if you picked up a copy of His One and Only. ;-) ]

I can’t say when they’ll be complete (yet) but I expect work to commence sooner rather than later.

If you’ve picked up any of my stories and enjoyed them, I’d be very grateful to have you post a review wherever you bought the books. I’m not currently doing any kind of promotion for my books because I thought writing more stories would be a much better use of my time!

[Edited: Anything in brackets was added later!]

How I Write

I write on a laptop, in Word, at a slow but sure pace that eventually gets me where I’m going.

I don’t rewrite much later, but as I’m going through a story, I find myself rereading constantly and tweaking for that perfect feeling I want as I read. I don’t care what words I use as long as the feeling comes through. Sometimes that’s harder to do than others. I can find myself rewriting a sentence twenty times, but not touch the 10 sentences around it once. Because my goal isn’t to rewrite, it’s simply to get my vision from my head to the page in as true a fashion as possible.

I don’t really think there’s much else to say on this topic because that’s about it. I just write and write and write and that’s how I practice and play all at the same time.