An update on upcoming books and a question or two

Brendan’s Fate is the next book I’ll be putting out, but it won’t be the last Wolves’ Heat book. And although I finished the trilogy about the New Canton Republic, that world still has plenty of stories in it and I’ll be putting out another book in that series after Brendan’s Fate, before revisiting Wolves’ Heat.

Somewhere in there, I’m determined to get The King’s Gambit written and released, the 2nd book in the Hend & Yurt series because Leon’s and Geran’s story is far from over. They have adventures awaiting them and a villainess to face. I also want to give Rand a story and write more about Ithera and Thad. ;)

That said, though, there are plenty of fellas in the Wolves’ Heat universe that need love and I won’t be ignoring them for long.

If only I could write faster!

What series are you most interested in seeing continue? Do you have a favorite minor character you’d like to see find love?

I definitely write the stories I want to read, but I am very open to requests from anyone who has read my stories and liked them enough to want to read more. Just leave a comment here or email me. :)

13 thoughts on “An update on upcoming books and a question or two

  1. Jess

    I’m a big fan of both of your series, the Wolves’ Heat and the New Canton Republic. Not that I think the others aren’t good – I’ve read them too! :) But to be honest, your approach to aliens-among-us is unique and I really enjoy that you’ve kept a distinct otherness to the alien characters. The guy on guy is hot,so please don’t change that! But I really love the story; that the conflict isn’t just about their sexuality, it’s about the different ways we communicate, how the norms of one person can be so alien to another and how love can translate that. So please keep them coming! I’m probably not going to be super helpful, because I don’t have a particular, favorite, minor character in either series. I think you could introduce someone we haven’t met yet or revisit a minor character and still have a story that sucks me into their world. I daydream about these worlds you’ve created, so I selfishly want these worlds to keep developing, with new characters and story threads. It’s food for the imagination!

    1. Odessa Post author

      Thank you for the nice comments about the Wolves’ Heat world. It really caught me by surprise how quickly I became absorbed with the world when I started writing that first story and now I can’t quit imagining all these different scenarios. I am very confident that I have a lot more Wolves’ Heat stories to tell. But my monsters keep whispering to me too. There are so many angles to that universe that I want to touch on that I know I’ll end up writing several more of those books too. Hend & Yurt is not as popular, but I fully intend to follow it up anyway because the story is not done until Marta’s scheming is put to an end. I have always been a big fan of fantasy epics and I think that influence is what keeps me from being able to just write a book or two and let the worlds go when I’m done. I can’t seem to do that. I want them to go on and on. :) Thanks again for commenting. I appreciate that you took the time to do that.

  2. linda

    I really like the Wolves’ Heat series. I would like to know what happens to Gerald and Lennie. They were both very helpful to Devin and their characters were just a teaser. I think they could come alive in their own stories.

    1. Odessa Post author

      It’s interesting you should mention Lennie, because it never occurred to me to think about what might happen to him and now you have me thinking about it. :) I can’t make any promises yet who will have stories, but I love that you brought him up because I do think he has a lot of potential as an interesting lead. Thank you so much for commenting! :)

  3. Tricia

    Enjoyed the Wolves Heat series and am waiting for the next book. Do you have a release date in mind, or do you keep a mail list of people who want to be notified when it’s released?

    1. Odessa Post author

      Thanks for the comment and I’m sorry it took so long to reply! I had no idea a comment was waiting. I will get that fixed asap. :)

      I hope to have the next book, Brendan’s Fate, published by the end of November. I don’t have an exact date just yet, but I will definitely post on the website as soon as I do. I’m in the process of setting up a new release notification list and when I get that done, I’ll put a subscription box on the website so anyone who wants a reminder of a new book’s release will get it.

      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far. :)


      1. Tricia

        Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll watch for Brandon’s Fate and will snap it up. Great world building. Really interesting plot device.

  4. Natsu

    I absolutely LOVED Of Humans and Mates <- right now it's in the top 5 of my favourite MM books.
    The way Kyle was creeped out by Cole/(t) was so… refreshing, if you compare all 3 New Canton Republic books. His reaction was completely normal, considering the situation ;) And it also added a bit of a thrill, knowing he was afraid of her/him, but still interested on some level
    I'd like to see more of that!

    1. Odessa Post author

      Thanks for letting me know. I do plan to return to the New Canton Republic world because I loved it so much myself. Kyle and Cole are two of my very favorites. I hate ending all my books, because I miss the characters so much when I do. That’s probably why I end up writing series, because I find it so hard to let go! I feel a little crazy for saying that, but I really do. ;)

  5. Nik

    I’ve just found you and have read all of the Wolves Heat books– loved them! I’d love to see more in this series. I’m going to check out your other books as well. You’ve a real gift for world building with originality. Can’t wait to see what happens with WH and see who else pops up. =)

    1. Odessa Post author

      I’m so glad you liked the Wolves’ Heat books and thank you for letting me know! The New Canton Republic books and the Hend and Yurt stories are meant to be much lighter stories than the Wolves’ Heat stuff. The humor works for some people and not for others, but I appreciate you saying you’ll check them out. I adored Gregory and Thrace from Of Magic and Mating and they show up in the other books in that series much the same way Ian and Craig show up in the other Wolves’ Heat books. I can’t help myself. I hate leaving anyone behind so the worlds just get bigger and bigger! ;-) Also, the R’H’ani Chronicles are a collection of science fiction romance stories set in a world where sex is a commodity but love is still love. :) I’ll be writing more stories in that series soon.

  6. Nik

    I’m back! OK, I’ve now read all of the Wolves Heat and New Canton Republic. I <3 them so! Im going to try the H & Y next. Can't wait to see what else you come up with. Thanks for a great few hours of reading. =)

    1. Odessa Post author

      I’m so glad you let me know you liked them! I’m actually trying to finish up the second short novel in the Hend and Yurt series. They’re meant to be humorous, but I’m not sure it works for everyone. I hope you enjoy them if you do try them. :)

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