I’ve Titled That Gay for You Book “Gay for You”

I’ve titled that gay for you book I started Gay for You. I had a different title in mind but that’s not the one that stuck, so… Gay for You it is! ;)

The book is in the works for sometime this year and I’ll update when I have a better estimate of the release date.

Gay for You is a contemporary male/male romance story. This book could be the first in a series of books, because these guys have lives and friends and enemies, and friends and enemies sometimes get to have stories too. ;)

Gay for YouHe married his best friend for money and revenge. He might not get the last laugh.

Dayton Royce has a grandfather that’s determined to rule his life, even from the grave. The only way Dayton can get his hands on the inheritance that rightfully belongs to him is to marry—his grandfather’s will has seen to that. But Dayton’s never been good at following orders, and he has no intention of bowing to his grandfather’s dictates any longer. That’s where his best friend Alex comes in. Alex is gay, and Dayton’s grandfather despised their friendship—and Alex.

Dayton’s found a way to get what’s his and give his grandfather the middle finger one last time: he’s going to marry Alex instead of one of the girls his grandfather wanted him to marry. The only problem? This is one marriage of convenience that’s turning out not to be so convenient after all, because Dayton’s starting to feel things for Alex he never thought he’d feel.


Anybody want to read this? I have to say, I’m getting really excited about this one! Dayton and Alex are mighty fine. ;)

4 thoughts on “I’ve Titled That Gay for You Book “Gay for You”

    1. Odessa Post author

      I’m really glad you let me know. I love knowing I’m not the only one excited by one of my story ideas. :)

    1. Odessa Post author

      I’m really glad you let me know you’re interested in the book! I don’t have a date for the book yet, because I haven’t finished it. I do hope it’s going to be sooner rather than later (still thinking 2015), but I’ll post an update here on the site when I have a better idea. I really wish I was a faster writer. I have so many ideas I want to follow up on, but I just never seem to be able to catch up with what I’ve already got going. :)

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