The King’s Gambit

Sequel to THE KING’S GUARD! 

Book 2 of Hend & Yurt, a gay fantasy series with lots of romance!

Readable as a stand-alone fantasy story but if you want the full effect of the Leon/Geran romance, it’s definitely more fun if you read them all! :)

Fantasy. Male/Male Romance.

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The King’s Gambit (A Hend & Yurt Novel of Fantasy and Romance)

Nearly a year has passed since Leon married and became King. The blood heir has finally arrived and the Birth Feast is only days away. Royal visitors have come from neighboring kingdoms far and wide to coo over baby Yames—and stir up as much discord as possible.

Leon’s lover Geran, the King’s Guard, has his hands full overseeing palace security, but that hasn’t stopped Geran from making it clear there’s something he wants from Leon, and soon—something Leon hasn’t been able to give him.

When it turns out one of the royal visitors has a past with Geran, Leon has more to worry about than a little palace intrigue. But soon it becomes clear that a little palace intrigue might be a whole lot of trouble for Leon and Geran both.

The King’s Gambit is a lighthearted story about magic, royalty, gay romance, a marriage of convenience, mystery, adventure, and palace intrigue. And there’s sex. ;)

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