The King’s Guard

Book 1 of Hend & Yurt, a gay fantasy series with lots of romance!

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The King’s Guard (A Hend & Yurt Short Fantasy Novel)

King Leon of Yurt has just married a princess from Hend to meet his obligation to a generations-old treaty. Now he’s obligated to produce an heir or he and his queen will lose the throne. In a moment of weakness, he confesses a closely held secret to his new queen’s brother that could ruin them all.

As the queen’s oldest brother, Geran’s obligated to take up residence in court and guard the Yurt throne with his life. He might wish for a more exciting future, but he’ll do his duty by his sister and queen. But then Leon shares with him a startling secret that brings forward every carefully hidden desire Geran has ever harbored for his new king.

And though Geran’s determined to help Leon fulfill his obligations, what he really wants is a chance to claim his king for himself…

The King’s Guard is a lighthearted story about magic, royalty, gay romance, a marriage of convenience, mystery, and palace intrigue. For mature readers.

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Author’s Note

This little story is one I started a very long time ago, long before I ever thought I’d be publishing my books. It was a bit of a fairy tale that took on a life of its own once I got past the opening. Geran is one of my favorites, to this day, and I wish I had more time because there are a lot more books I want to write for these guys!